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Pawel Marzelowski

Pawel Marzelowski

Last name : Pawel Marzelowski
Date of Birth : September 23
Country: Poland
Station: Andorra Grandvalira El Tarterr)
Sponsor: Easy Snowboards
Boards: Easy Killer 156 cm and Easy Skull 156 cm cm)
Stance: Goofy 57.5 cm 9 -6-6)
Favorite station: Stubai Zoo Austriae)
Favorite trick: Backflip
Instagram: @pawel_marzelowski
Facebook : Pablo Marzelowski


I am a rider who likes to take advantage of all the practices of snowboarding such as freestyle, street, carving, jumps, half-pipe, etc. Since I was little, I have loved traveling, discovering new countries and meeting new people. Thanks to my lifestyle and my passion for snowboarding, I have the chance to discover new landscapes every day, especially in the mountains. These trips make me love the mountains a little more every day. My leitmotif: Ride or die. ; » ;)

Interests / hobbies apart from skateboarding / surfing / snowboarding You will understand: skiing, traveling and the mountains.e.



Currently I work in snowboarding. I'm a teacher !

A mythical moment of snowboarding for me: the many days of snow, the first tricks, the first sponsors, the first competitions and each outing with your friends is legendary!

Enjoy life, follow your dreams, have fun!




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