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Josh Lappo

Nom: Josh “Lappo” Lapkovsky, prefer just Lappo
Date de naissance : 11/ 11/1982
Ville : Whistler
Board : Nomad 157 and Oragin 164
Stance : front 27* back -13*
Trick préféré : bs 180*
Instagram: @easylappo

Hello, my name is Josh Lappo Been and I've shredding for most of my life ridding out of Whistler Bc Canada. Love deep powder and natural jump features to take the park into the back country. For all Mountain riding I’m digging the Nomad 157 and for those deep day the Origin 164 with my stance at 27 degrees front and -13 back foot. My favourite trick bs 180. Reach me on instagram lappo_josh

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