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This is Justin, one of our designers

You are probably wondering who is behind the Easy brand. Today we present to you Justin, one of the designers..

« Hello ! My name is Justin and I am a 43 year old British artist, illustrator and designer. I designed the Pink Torsion and Black Torsion from the current collection for Easy, and recently designed the Skull for next year's collection.ine.

I find inspiration in a lot of things but I like to focus on portraits, skull concepts, sci-fi elements among many others. I am currently making a series of works inspired by voodoo and black

Drawing boards is a big part of my work as an artist because I am very interested in snowboarding.d.

I also work in the music, video games and TV / film industries as a freelance designer for a design studio in Birmingham, UK.

In addition to my work as a designer, I am also a street artist and have done a number of large murals in Birmingham..

I hope you will enjoy the design of the boards I was able to make;;) »






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