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Here is Nico, co-founder of the Easy Snowboards brand

Nico, can you tell us what motivated you to create Easy Snowboards?

The main motivation at Easy is to make snowboarding more accessible to everyone and the creation of our range stems from this idea.

A sort of fair trade in snowboarding laughs so that every rider can have access to high performance and quality snowboards without spending too much money.r.


There are many brands on the market, some of which are longstanding, what have you wanted to do differently? ?

One of the different and essential points is that our range is wide and well segmented. No board is alike, so each rider finds the board that suits their riding style and budget.t.

We have also insisted on the playful side of the boards' behavior and developed technologies that help riders to progress. The boards under the foot transmit a good feeling of riding. When you think about it, we're all looking for the same thing: to have fun.


After a few years spent developing the brand, can you tell us what are the coolest sides of this adventure??

The most interesting is the design of the boards. It has always fascinated me because technically, developing a model of board or another is really motivating.nt.

Always seeing how to improve the performance of boards and sharing it with your customers and team riders is great..

When we hear during the tests Wow this is the best board I have ridden of the day! , It warms the heart.œur.


And also the most difficult?

It is a huge personal investment, we do not count the hours of work laughs.s].


Can you tell us about how you design the boards and how you make them?

First, we start with an idea of board, shape, shape, technical characteristics, etc. After brainstorming with our team, we move on to mold shaping, which is pure and hard machining.ur.

Then we create a prototype and it will be tested by different riders of the collective. Once we had everyone's feedback, we went to the factory to make the changes. It can take a week or several months, it all depends on the adjustments to be made..



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