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How to choose the right size for your snowboard

Technical advice

How to choose the right size for your snowboard

First of all, your board should be more or less at chin height, or just under the chin.

Once this is checked, here is what you want to look at:

  • If you need more lift in powder snow or if you are looking for more stability at high speed then you can take a slightly longer board - 2 centimeters longer for example.
  • If you only ride the snowpark or if you do a lot of street riding, taking a slightly shorter board - around 2 centimeters shorter - will give you better control.

Finally, you want to look at the weight.

Let’s take the example of a rider who is 1m72 tall, weighs 80kg and wants to ride a soft board. The right board size would be 154 cm, but it may not be strong enough to support the weight of the rider.

As a precaution, it is better to take a slightly longer board, in order to improve the weight distribution across the board.

Riding style can also influence the choice.

If you’re going on a trip to Alaska (lucky you…), in deep snow and steep slopes, you might want to get a slightly longer board so you can better and have more stability at high speed.

Having said that, the size remains a personal choice based on how you ride, how you feel and what you are used to.

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