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Why do we have a large variety of cambers?

We all have a favourite camber that fits our riding needs and that allows us to give the best of ourselves.

In recent years, many brands have opted for traditional camber highlighting the fact that it is the most efficient one. At Easy we disagree and we believe that all cambers are to be explored. That's why in our collections you'll find a large variety of cambers so you can explore new sensations.

Easy Rock flat camber: it's progressive, playful AND aggressive. With it, you can quickly improve and have that sensation you're skating on snow. It is also super efficient when carving. You can test it on the Black Torsion and the Noise.

Our Cam to Rock is a traditional camber, located at the center of your board, with progressive rocker on nose and tail. The camber section between your feet is shorter than usual to give you the feeling that you're skating the snow without losing efficiency on uneven terrains or pow. The power provided by the smart combination of camber flex and torsional spatulas gives you pop but also tolerance since the rocker is longitudinal and progressive.

Since our camber was prettty successful, we elaborated a more aggressive version. We named it Cam to Rock and you can test it on our Skull board. This camber is a little bit longer so your board is a tiny bit more tonic and aggressive. : le Cam to Rock Pro que tu peux voir sur la

Our Camber New G. is another subtle tweak. And let's agree that we're close to perfection with this one. We wanted this camber to be the closest possible to a traditional one, only adding a light flat, raised only by a millimeter in spatula. True goldsmith work that required fine crafting and patience.

You're more carving or backcountry? You've definitely come to the right place: Our Easy 2 Rock camber is the perfect combination of the rocker and a traditional camber.

It provides unmatched versatility to boards such as the Nomad or the Dawn. Rocker at the center and traditional camber under your feet gives you more aggressivity on the days you're in top shape but also on the days you're not so great. With this camber, you'll have a playful and efficient board where ever you go.

Technically speaking, the pressure under your feet is really efficient on uneven terrain so you can carve aggressively. But if you free up some of the pressure with one foot, your board becomes more docile and allows you to easily tail or a nose press.

And here comes the Easy Carve Power, a long traditional camber that gives a lot of power in carving and good support in curves. It was specially designed for the Folk, one of Easy's most surprising board. This camber ends with a short rocker section making curves easier on powder or in the snowpark.

We also developed our Pow Cam to Rock for pow lovers.

This traditional camber is positioned on the back of the board with a pronounced curve of 1.5cm high. Its position directly influences a gradually rising nose with allows you to effortlessly fly on pow. The pressure coming fro mthe back is maintained along the board, so it gives you a powerful grip when entering and exiting the curve.

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