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The role of edges is often underestimated or poorly identified. Yet, they play en essential part in enhancing your riding experience, because they are the touch points that will allow us to apply pressure to the snow, feel the grip and maintain a stable trajectory.

As with all our materials, we only use quality steel for our edges. It needs to be of the highest possible quality so it is durable and resistant. Off course it is a little more expensive, but it is important to us.


All our edges technology are designed to help you maintain a steady pressure on the snow. The edge's undulation ensures that the weight of your body is evenly distributed across the entire length of the board, not just at the bottom of your feet.

Pressure is applied to the downhill slope. Thanks to this, you'll have a great grip and stability to the snow and even on bad snow or ice, with very little effort! YES! you'll find comfort on bad snow!

We designed 2 versions: Our Easy Grip is more aggressive with 10 pressure points. Our Mellow Easy Grip only has 5 pressure points without losing any efficiency or stability.

At Easy, we believe that any technology we put on our boards must make a difference for our riders whether it's adding fun, comfort or security. And for us, a good grip is a real Plus when it comes to safety and confidence, especially on rough snow.

We don’t just do boards.

We make magic happen !

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