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Carbon, Kevlar & basalt

Here are three components that have a direct impact on a board's behaviour, especially regarding its strength, stiffness and responsiveness. They enhance the core on strategic areas that are often subjects to impacts.

Carbone, Kevlar et basalte

Carbon, Kevlar and basalt are woven as fibers. This ultra resistant fabric is then incorporated in our boards as strips with various widths. But we don't put it everywhere. Is it carefully placed at strategic areas and it is different for each board: as spatulas for the Killer or the Hunter, to increase torsional pop and add strength and resistance to violent impacts. On the Nomad, Nomad, reinforcements are needed and placed along the inserts to optimize absorption on uneven snow. It is a chirurgical exercise that requires precision not to distort any expected behavior.

You've probably noticed that all our boards use this technology, including our most accessible models such as the Black Torsion or the Wallride. It is a choice we made at Easy never to compromise with the solidity of our boards.

V Carbon Stripes

V Carbon Stripes

Carbon strips to reinforce the nose and tail and therefore... More pop!

TNT Carbon Stripes

TNT Carbon Stripes

Carbon bands from nose to tail for maximum pop and added stability.

New CK Stripes

New CK Stripes

Carbon and Kevlar bands positioned on the nose and tail to increase pop and impact resistance.

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