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Why is my board shaped that way?

If you wonder about the shape of your board, then you're getting into the board design process... Well, that is also what gives us the chill and one of the main reason we started Easy Snowboards.

The general shape is often associated with the practice style: a twin shape is perfect for freestyle when a directional shape will be best for freeride. And between those two, we've got the directional twin that will make a board comfortable on both terrains. In our collection, you will find additional variations:

True Twin

True Twin

Nose and tail are at the same distance from the inserts and have an identical shape.

Pow Twin Profile

Pow Twin Profile

Twin board with more inserts to move the bindings back on powder days.

Pow Directional

Pow Directional

Aggressive shape with set back to float in powder and carve the trail, good news : you can switch it.

The shape is characterized by its symmetry but other elements can influence the behaviour of your board: a short pointy nose will make it more aggressive when entering or exiting a curve, just like with our Hunter. A long and progressive tip combined with a narrow tail will help you fly on pow, just like with our Hillside.

There are thousands of possible combinations! A round tip with slightly squary ends make the Nomad and the Dawn more versatile. And by going even further in the squaryness, our killer becomes even sharper and more aggressive.

Our quest for the ultimate shape never stops 🙂 . With our latest board, the Peak, we wanted to create very stretched lines with a multi-facetted tip and tail. That combination gives this freeride board a noble behaviour and makes it efficient in any situation.

In order to achieve this greatness, we gathered a few experts: A shaper, responsible for designing the curves and the overall shape and an engineer that will transform our craziest dreams into mathematically realistic products. Once the design is approved, we give it to a machinist that will generate a mold to then assemble the different components of the board: sole, edge, core, base and top sheet.

Now it's your turn to find the board that fits your own style and practice. You're not too sure and you still need a hand? Well, we've got just what you need with our Find your board », answer a few questions and we will guide you to the Easy board of your dreams..

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