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3 interest-free installments

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About this board

You've certainly seen these motorcycle grand prix riders lie down like sick in the corners. This is because they are not riding a motorbike but a Dawn.

It is thanks to her that they manage to send so much, to draw a perfect curve at ten miles an hour while smiling under their helmets. The Dawn is very strong, it leaves scars on all the slopes where it passes. It's a real blade that grips even on icy snow thanks to our Easy Grip edges. It is mounted on our Easy 2 Rock camber for a powerful and fluid glide on piste, soft or deep snow.

You understood, the Dawn is your pass to carve. If you listen well, you might even be able to hear the mountain moan on some of your well-supported turns.

You may also be interested in the Peak, a real backcountry and the Nomad, more playful.



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Shape : True Twin

True Twin

Nose and tail are at the same distance from the inserts and have an identical shape.

Composition of the sole: Formule 1

Formula 1 Base

7000 PTEX with Teflon for an increased gliding sensation and good impact resistance.

Camber: Easy Grip

Easy Grip

L’arme absolue pour rider la neige dure sans accrocher sur les rails.

Camber: Premium Steel

Premium Steel

The best quality steel for durability and impact resistance.

Wood Core Construction: Super Pop Plus Woodcore

Super Pop Plus Woodcore

A tough core with pop and easy to ride!

Glass Tech : Special Blend Fiberglass

Special Blend Fiberglass

Mixed fiberglass and very light top sheet. This unique fiber makes your board light, strong and poppy.

Glass Tech : Ultra Light Top Sheet

Ultra Light Top Sheet

Basalt top sheet to reduce weight and improve the strength and responsiveness of the board.

Camber Profile

Easy 2 Rock

Easy 2 rock is the perfect combination of rocker and traditional camber. The camber has been developed to make the board both aggressive and docile on all types of snow

Easy 2 Rock

Board Specifications:

Board Specifications:

Length (cm)


Sidecut radius (cm)


Width of stanza (cm)


Effective edge (cm)


Waist width (cm)


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