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3 interest-free installments

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About this board

The Folk like remote terrains covered in haze. It is a sensitive board that stays away from this brutal world. It prefers hiding under a deep layer of powder or, if it can, disappear behind the trees. It moves swiftly, performing series of powerful and silent turns. Some say it is thanks to its unique Easy Carve Power camber. Its V Carbon stripes and its diamond shaped tips help a lot as well. Control its temper by adjusting your position: its Pow Twin Profile shape allows you to ride it as a twin or set back your stance to adjust to conditions.

A versatile board with response and grip. And, as all our boards, rocking a Smart Woodcore core, she has plenty of pop to send some spins when she's in the mood.

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Folk 2022-2023Folk 2022-2023

"Atypical mix"

"This freeride is a mix between a playful fish form and a versatile one. It combines playful tips, efficient support and varied handling."



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Shape :Pow Directional

Pow Directional

Aggressive shape with set back to float in powder and carve the trail, good news : you can switch it.

Composition of the sole: Sintered BC

Sintered BC

7000 PTEX specially designed for backcountry and sliding on all types of snow.

Camber: Mellow Easy Grip

Mellow Easy Grip

To ride with confidence in bad snow and to keep an excellent grip in hard snow. Ideal for any type of wrinkle.

Camber: Premium Steel

Premium Steel

The best quality steel for durability and impact resistance.

Wood Core Construction: Smart Woodcore

Smart Woodcore

A mix of poplar and beech for long-lasting pop.

Glass Tech : Power Flex Fiberglass

Power Flex Fiberglass

A mix of different glass fibres to get the best shred feeling underfoot. More control over all types of terrain.

Fibre : Triax


Triax is fibreglass braided at 90° and then at 45°.

C&K Fibertech : TNT Carbon Stripes

TNT Carbon Stripes

Carbon bands from nose to tail for maximum pop and added stability.

Camber Profile

Easy Carve Power (ECP)

A new generation of camber! You carve with a surfing feeling on any terrain and without effort. This technology is incredible!

Easy Carve Power

Board Specifications:

Board Specifications:

Length (cm)


Sidecut radius (cm)


Width of stanza (cm)


Effective edge (cm)


Waist width (cm)


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